27th February 2011 // Hi Guys, well we left High Camp (Barafu Camp)at Midnight local time and summitted in just under 8 hours at 4.57am UK time, 7.57am local time. The best news is that the whole team reached the summit, despite temperatures of -19'c. It was a really tough day, very cold until the sun came up and it got a bit warmer.

It was a long climb and the team are pretty battered. It was a 12-14hour round trip. Awesome though that we all got onto the summit. We then climbed back down to high camp to have a rest before a four hour trek back to lower camp. We are staying here tonight, and then tomorrow have a 4-6hour trek to get out of the National Park. Then its back to the hotel and straight to the airport for our flight home. No time for resting tomorrow.

I have to say this was a really good trip. It was a far tougher mountain than I expected. Definitely tougher than I thought but also far more beautiful! Awesome to summit with friends, family and the team. 4 down! Woop woop!


25th February 2011 // Hey guys, arrived at Karanga camp, (13,300ft/ 4,005m) after 4hrs trekking. The Barranco wall was loads of fun today, a 300m scramble. Even the most apprehensive of the group enjoyed it! We spent most of the day deep in debate over picking our British Lions Team of all time, which passed most of the day. Everyone’s still in good spirits, moral is high. We had some rain today for the first time, but not for long, now the mist has cleared and camps cold but clear. A few of the group are taking advantage of the opportunity to have a wash today. Not me! 5 days is chicken feed to be without a shower!

All time British Lions Team
1 Gethin Jenkins 13 Brian O’Driscoll
2 Keith Wood 14 Shane Williams
3 Jason Leonard 15 JPR Williams
4 Willy John McBride Captain 16 Graham Price
5 Martin Johnson 17 Brian Moore
6 Lawrence Dallaglio 18 Dean Richards
7 Richard Hill 19 Neil Back
8 Mervin Davies 20 Rob Howley
9 Gareth Edwards 21 Neil Jenkins
10 Jonathan Davies 22 Jason Robinson
11 Gerald Davies
12 Scott Gibbs


24th February 2011 // Quick update today as I don’t have much battery and there is no sun to charge my solar panel. Been a long day today, 8 hours trek to Barranco Camp which is the most spectacular campsite at the foot of the Kibo peak. We did trek to 4600m as part of our acclimatisation. The group are pretty tired but in good spirits. It was pretty cool starting the trekking in Moorland, through alpine desert and back into moorland for camp. The weather was pretty cold but is just really foggy now. There are far more people in this camp than the last one!


23rd February 2011 // I can't get signal in my house but I can at 3850m, Shira 2 camp on Kilimanjaro! Ha! There’s a rock that if you stand on it you can get signal! We had a 4hr trek to camp 3 – Shira 2 camp today, allowing the team an important afternoon to rest and acclimatise. Kili has an extraordinary amount of snow on it at the moment and the snowline is the lowest it's been for many years. The weather is pretty cold at this altitude as we're in the cloud layer now. Its like a rab calendar shoot here with everyone rocking Rab! Ha! Everyone's doing well despite finding the altitude tough going.


22nd February 2011 // We have just arrived at Camp Shira One (3485m) taking us 6hours and 34 minutes to get here from Camp Big Tree. It was a long and tough day for some of the team, but everyone is in good spirits. We have trekked above the Jungle now, and are in rough moorland at the foot of Kili. Its pretty windy but we can see Kili from here. Onward and upwards tomorrow!


22nd February 2011 //
Hey guys, first update from Kili. Had a 4 hour trek yesterday through the Jungle following a 5 hour drive from the hotel to the park entrance. Tracy forgot her boots at the hotel! The porter carrying Jan Suart’s bag fell off the trail down the hill... very funny start to the trip! Monkeys were fighting in the tree by camp last night so kept some of the team awake. Now at 2670m and climbing to 3500m today. 7 hours of trekking and a tough day ahead for some of the team.


21st February 2011 // Hey guys! We made it here! It's boiling. Everyone gets on really well and I'm sure it'll be a top trip. It's cool to see Janet too. Karen from the Penarth hospice sent me some maltesers and hot chocolate! Thanks Karen. Didn't sleep on the plane as I was excited, looking forward to starting the climb. Its awesome to be climbing with friends, family and 737 Team members on this one!


16th February 2011 // Hey guys, been re-packing and sorting all my stuff for Kili. There's been a lot of washing to do. Really looking forward to getting back on the mountain, we leave on Saturday and I can't wait to meet the team climbing with me.

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