The Schedule

As well as mental tenacity and physical endurance, this 7 month race will be a huge challenge of logistics and administration. Mother nature and the weather will play a part too.

Richard said;

“Logistically this is a huge undertaking. Jagged Globe has extensive experience of organising expeditions not only to the highest mountains in the world, but also to Polar regions. So I’m in the very best hands!”

“The North Pole will be particularly hazardous as we’ll be there in very early spring, which means it will be extremely cold, possibly -40 degrees Celsius, increasing the risk of frostbite.”

“Straight off the North Pole we’ll be racing over to Everest, which is a huge ask of my mental and physical strength. That’s why my fitness and technical skills need to be spot on, as I can’t afford to start climbing the highest mountain in the world in a physical deficit. Nor will I be able manipulate equipment at extreme altitude with temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius if I have a cold injury from the North Pole.”

“Although I have chosen not to set out the precise timing details of individual elements of the challenge as so much depends on weather and delays here is a rough schedule you can download of the 737 Challenge”

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